ARG provides highly specialized revenue protection services to air & ocean cargo carriers (NVOCCs & VOCCs) & forwarders. What if your company could increase its gross profit by 5%? What if this could be done without incurring any incremental cost, or bearing any risk WHILE improving the customer’s experience? From an ROI perspective, this project would be put on a fast track & implemented into production.


Join small providers to Fortune 500 leaders in using ARG’s high performance Cargo Revenue Protection Services.


Internally developed decision support system

Employs advanced features including, predictive analytics and ad hoc querying

Assists ARG analysts in identifying revenue leakages

Industry estimates put invoice inaccuracies at 12+%

Maersk Line CEO Soren Skou told the JOC’s TPM Conference in March of 2013 that nearly 12 percent of container industry invoices are inaccurate. The same problems persist in the air freight space.

The Solution: ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Service

For ARG, every client has advanced invoicing systems & controls, yet EVERY client has benefited significantly from ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Service. Why? Because ARG has learned from its many years of experience exactly where to focus its resources & efforts.

Current Controls are Inadequate

Most companies have sophisticated auto-rating systems, and often an internal audit team reviewing exceptions. But, how does any company truly know what is being lost in under-billed revenue?

Benefits of ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Service

  • Requires few resources to implement & maintain
  • Improves revenue yields and overall profitability by recapturing under-billed revenue
  • Ensures revenue accurately reflects services rendered
  • Provides insight for management into systemic process issues

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