Hidden CASS Profits: Air Cargo's Struggle with Invoice Accuracy

Invoicing website writes essays for youwebsite writes essays for you inaccuracies have plagued the air freight industry for many years. Inherent factors, including complex and volatile pricing, and the need for carriers to cut costs, continue to perpetuate this problem. Invoices are often over-charged or under-billed. Customers identify overcharged invoices and either adjust the CASS billing or file an overcharge claim, but under-billed invoices are often neglected and the result is hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profits to carriers. Recouping these hidden profits is the foundation of ARG’s Cargo Revenue Recovery service—and the benefits are impressive. Some major air carriers have experienced a 5% gain in gross profits without incurring any incremental cost.


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    Customers complain when they are overcharged, but do they say anything when they are under-billed? Most are glad to pocket the extra profit, and don’t speak up.


    Requires few resources to implement & maintain

    Improves profitability by recapturing under-billed revenue (greater than $100 million since 2004)

    Has benefited every client, from small players to major global carriers (references available

    Provides quick, insightful analysis of revenue streams, enabling clients to swiftly implement process improvements and increase downstream profits

    Is conducted in a highly secure manner (SOC 2 Type I compliant)