Are your invoicing controls adequate? Do you have metrics to measure the accuracy of your billings? ARG provides a suite of revenue protection solutions designed to ensure revenue accurately reflects the services that have been rendered.


Each service requires few resources to implement and limited support to maintain and can either augment or replace existing controls. The end result is that ARG’s Revenue Protection services deliver value and the proof is in our clients. Since 2004, ARG has never lost a client. ARG’s core services include:


Dispute Resolution & Collection Service

Invoice adjustments are a major burden to every organization and require extensive overhead to support. Incorrectly processed disputes are often costly and can result in revenue being mistakenly written-off, or overstated.


ARG’s Dispute Resolution & Collection Service provides an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solution that includes the processing and collection of invoice disputes. The service is a turnkey solution that delivers an exceptionally high collection rate.


Revenue Protection – Under-billing Protection

Customers complain when they are overcharged, but do they say anything when they are under-billed? Under-billings are the hidden profits that exist in most organizations and often have a significant, negative impact on revenue. ARG’s Under-billing Protection Service identities invoices that have been mistakenly under-billed, and recaptures the incremental revenue due. Since 2004, ARG has recaptured over $200 million in gross profits for its clients. The service can be performed as a pre or post-audit.


Revenue Protection – Overcharge Protection

Overcharges are a major resource drain and can lead to customer churn if left unchecked. ARG’s Overcharge Protection Service is a pre-audit designed to identify overcharges before they reach the customer. The end result is a higher invoice accuracy rate and better customer relations.

Industry Problem

It is well known that invoice accuracy has been a major challenge for carriers, including VOCCs, NVOCCs, and…Read More

Inadequate Controls

Most companies have sophisticated auto-rating systems, and often an internal audit team reviewing exceptions…Read More

The Solution

ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Service: Experienced analysts utilize ARG’s ATLAS system, which is a robust platform that employs Read More

ARG Easy Reference Comparison Chart

Dispute Resolution & Collection Service Revenue Protection- Under-billing Protection Service Revenue Protection- Overcharge Protection Service
Audit Type Post-audit Pre-audit and/or Post-audit Pre-audit
Audit Cycle Real-time Real-time or monthly/quarterly Real-time
Turnkey Option with ARG Managing Collections Yes Yes N/A
High ROI Yes Yes Yes
Strengthens Internal Controls Yes Yes Yes
Enables Both Top Line Revenue and Bottom Line Profit Growth Medium High Medium
Client Support Needed to Maintain Minimal Minimal Minimal
IT / Set-Up Investment Needed to Begin 5-15 hours 5-15 hours 5-15 hours
ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Services are ongoing, require no staffing resources from the client, and are managed at ARG’s corporate office…
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Benefits of ARG's Cargo Revenue Protection Service

Requires few resources to implement & maintain

Improves profitability by recapturing under-billed revenue (greater than $200 million since 2004)

Has benefited every client, from small providers to major Fortune 500 global carriers (references available)

Provides quick, insightful analysis of revenue streams, enabling clients to swiftly implement process improvements and increase downstream profits

Improves Customer Experience by improving invoice accuracy rates

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Requirements to setup and maintain ARG’s Cargo Revenue Protection Service

5-15 hours to generate data reports, and setup system access plus 1-2 hours of training on liner management system & pricing guidelines
Ongoing: 5-7 hours a month to review ARG’s findings

ARG Process Flow for Dispute Resolution & Collection Service

ARG Process Flow for Revenue Protection
(Under-billing / Overcharge Protection Service)